LexiLabels, previously known as House of Cards, was founded in 1986, by Willem and Wilna Botha, and started as a profitable hobby. With the most basic home made equipment, we printed our first T-shirts. We quickly realised that there is a need for products in the industrial market, and we started to print vinyl labels, and eventually Lexan labels. LexiLabels is a family business and we do all the printing ourselves to ensure that we offer excellent quality.

As time went by, our customer basis grew to a number of large companies, such as IST, Denel, SAAB Grintek, Sabertek, LES, Blueginger, Semiconductor Solutions, Schauenburg, Etion, SSE and many more. We believe in long term relationships with our customers, and would do anything to render the best service possible. We are proud to say that we serve some of our customers for more than 20 years.

At LexiLabels we specialise in high quality screen printing for the electronic and electrical industry. We manufacture products for the military, industrial and engineering sectors and print on durable materials suitable for rugged applications. Click here to view different products and samples >>

We offer a complete service, from the graphic designs to the final product and advise the customer on the best materials available on the market, as well as the most suitable inks and colours.

We are able to accurately laser-cut labels in any shape; we can also do any cut outs that may be needed. Click here for pictures >>

We cater for large and small quantities, even if a customer requires only one unit for a prototype. Labels ranging from very small, up to an A1 size are printed.

Read more about the screen printing process >>