The screen printing process is a manual, time and labour intensive process. To understand the time and effort that goes into every job, we have decided to document the process with a step by step photo description.

 The layout is made according to the clients specifications, using CorelDraw. After the proof has been accepted, we do a colour separation and send the files to have positives made

 Checking positives

Cleaning the screen with special chemical products and a high pressure washer

 When the screen is dry, it is covered with a light sensitive photo emulsion and left to dry in the dark room

The positive is placed between the screen and a glass table. The screen is developed through 5 minute exposure using Mercury blended lamps

The undeveloped parts (the image to be printed) is washed out, leaving the image on the screen


The screen is left to dry

The screen is set-up on a vacuum table, and the first colour is printed by forcing the ink through the screen using a squeegee.

After the ink has dried, the process is repeated for every colour

Once all the printing is completed, it is time to apply the double sided adhesive. If necessary, some cut-outs are made in the adhesive.

The adhesive is applied

Before we do laser cut-outs, a protective layer is applied to the front


Laser cutting

The final product